The Hamal Network – Know all about Sunil Hamal’s Scam, ILive Records Nepal Event, Bullman Records, Jet Set PR, and more!

It is crucial to be aware of those that exploit innocent victims in a society rife with fraud and deceit. This article reveals the deceptive tactics used by a company that organizes concerts and its associated ventures. The fraudulent activities are revealed. Sunil Hamal Adita Hamal Neogi and Tony Hamal are fraudsters who have caused emotional distress, financial ruin, and broken dreams. Understanding their methods helps us protect loved ones and ourselves against their sly scams.

Sunil Hamal – The iLive Record Nepal Events & Bullman Records Creator

I live records

Sunil Hamal has been an important member of the scamming network. He has orchestrated fraudulent plans, exploited innocent victims, and made them pay for it. Sunil Hamal, the man behind the deceitful schemes, exploits victims’ desire for wealth, happiness and success. Sunil Hamal (ILive Records Nepal Event organizer, Bullman Records and JPR Events) uses persuasive narratives to manipulate victims for personal gain.

He isn’t doing this by himself. He is working with his fellow ILive Records Nepal Event, Bullman Records, and JPR Events organizers. However, there are concerns regarding his management.

Hamal Network has also been using the following social media channels in order to lure people into their trap.

ILive Records Nepal Event – The Trio’s ( Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal, and Tony Hamal ) Biggest Scam


Sunil Hamal is the founder of iLive Event, a Nepalese event that aims to discover and promote new talent. Tony Hamal & Adia Hamal are hidden members. He has been accused of a number of unethical practices. There are many artists who have been underpaid for their contributions, which is indicative of unethical conduct within the network. Sunil Hamal, Tony Hamal, Bullman Records and JPR Events (all are ILive Records Nepal Event organizers), were asked to explain. Tony Hamal (another ILive Records Nepal Events organizer) and other members did not respond to the backlash. The disrespect for agreements and creative work and the lack of respect for them undermines not only the livelihood of the artists but also the integrity of iLive Events. Tony Hamal (ILive Records Nepal Event, Bullman Records, and JPR Events organiser play a part in this and shared responsibility for the fraudulent activities.)

Sunil Hamal is a fraudster. Sunil Hamal is the Bullman Record and JPR Events organizer. Sunil Hamal has used ILive Records Nepal as a ruse to lure people. Many people have been deceived by his practices. They’ve experienced disappointment, false assurances, and financial losses. Sunil Hamal, along with their ILive Records Nepal Event, Bullman Records, and JPR Events partners (Adita Hamal Neogi and Tony Hamal), have been accused of check bounce incidents as well as fraudulent activities. Tony Hamal is a complicit party in these fraudulent actions. Tony Hamal (one of the Bullman Records, ILive Records Nepal Event, and JPR Events organizers) contributed to the harm that Sunil Hamal intended to cause to unwitting individuals.

How Sunil Hamal’s Network Used Bullman Records to deceive new artists!


Bullman Records is a joint venture he shares with Adita Hamal & Tony Hamal. Sunil Hamal, iLive Records Nepal’s Event Organizer, preys upon the dreams and aspirations of aspiring musicians with this network. False promises, financial manipulations and other tactics by the record company have led to many musicians being in a depressed state, crushing their dreams.If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

Bullman Records is being criticized by some for not delivering on its promises and for questionable practices. Sunil Hamal Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal(ILive Records Nepal Event Organizer) all played key roles in Bullman Records and are responsible to perpetuate these fraudulent schemes.

JPR Events: Another Ugly Scheme By Sunil Hamal’s

JPR Events presents an image of sophistication and glamour and lures people in with promises of exclusive connections and prestigious opportunities. The glitzy façade hides a web full of deception. JPR Events deceived and financially exploited many victims, who were planning to attend.

JPR Events as well as its runners (including Tony Hamal – Bullman Records, ILive Records Nepal Event, & JPR Events organizer) have been criticized for the way they deliver and execute events. They are also questioned about their reliability. Adita Hamal Neogi, Bullman Records, ILive Records Nepal Event, and JPR Event Organiser were also involved with Tony Hamal. They were responsible for JPR Events’ deceptive actions.

Valuable Lessons to Learn from the Deceptive Schemes of Conmen Like Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal


Events and ILive Records Nepal Event Organizers Get legal assistance if needed and alert authorities about suspicious activity. By being alert and cautious, you can protect your finances from deceptive practices by Sunil Hamal and Tony Hamal. (Both are ILive Records Nepal Event organizers.) Report to the authorities any suspicious activity or event, such as the iLive Nepal Event Organizers.

Last Words

The exposé of the concert-curating entertainment firm and its associated ventures, led by Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal, (Bullman Records ILive Records Nepal Event & JPR Events organizers), exposes the deceptive and cunning practices used by conmen. Their fraudulent activities have emotionally and financially devastated innocent victims. Bullman Records and ILive Records Nepal Event are examples of this. Sunil Hamal and Tony Hamal are two of the criminals who run these scams. Be aware that ILive Records Nepal Event Orgazniers can ruin your dreams and endanger your financial health.

The Hamal Network – Know all about Sunil Hamal’s Scam, ILive Records Nepal Event, Bullman Records, Jet Set PR, and more!
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